Cleaning Your Car Like A Pro

Posted By on Jul 30, 2015 |

Who says a car doesn’t need a thorough cleaning too? Winter’s snow and salt leaves marks on our cars and if we do not clean them well, or use the common dish washing detergent that is a great degreaser, it will remove both the dirt and the grease sucking out all the important oils out of the paint devised for cars.

Here is a guide on how to clean your car best:

BChina_Microfiber_Chenille_Car_Wash_Sponge_SY319092009641614325uy a good quality car soap and sponge, read out the guidelines on the bottle, and rinse out the bucket before adding water to ensure that there are no particles. Commence washing your car by Starting at the top of the and slowly rinse down along the sides, this helps trap large sediments that are likely to give your car paint a scratch and keep the water from evaporating thus keeping the car cool. Use the sponge to clean the roof in tight rubbing loops, keep the rubbing rows parallel and coinciding to ensure that all parts are well cleaned once you are done rinse the roof thoroughly and move to the windows, roof supports, front bumper, lower quarters panels, back bumper and lower doors. However, you can chose that which works best for you.

Ensure that you have removed all dirt and soap from the facade by rinsing the roof of the car with water; you can also dry the car with an electric blower or a master blaster to avoid marring and swirling. If you do not have any of these blowers you can wait for it to dry naturally. Cleaning your car on a cool day helps reduce the rate of evaporation leaving your car free of soap spots.


As you wait for the exterior to dry, you can clean up the interior. Use the vacuum cleaner: it should spray the carpet with water and suck out the grime and dirt from the floor, the seats, the dash and the trunk. You will be surprised by what you find: papers, coffee cups; lost documents etc, if you don’t have one you can always hire.


Use a brush for the door panels and dash they are real-time magnets for dust use the brush to give the air tents a light shot of polish. Use your preferred products to wipe down the window exterior and interior. Use an old cloth and wrap it round a screwdriver and move it along the trim lines to clean up the dust.

The finishing is what makes the distinctness between cleaning your car well and cleaning it like a pro. Spray a light blur of spray plaster or wax on the cars’ surface begin with the front, hood of the car, bottom and top with right product you can reach out to the tires too. Always wax your car in a cool place

Sometimes the job is just too hard for most car owner’s well if you feel like it’s too much of a job, get a professional since it might take some time unlike driving your car to a drive through car wash. If you reside in the Arizona area, then a company that I recommend is Best Gilbert Carpet Cleaning because they also offer services for vehicles. It’s great to know how to get the job done yourself, however sometimes it’s just best to let the pros take care of it.