Cleaning Carpets Exposed to Sea Water

Posted By on Sep 16, 2015 |

California: the land of sunshine and beautiful ocean views.

oceanBecause of its beautiful scenery many residents enjoy hosting various parties, luncheons, get togethers and other events where they can showcase their home while hosting their friends and family for a fun experience.

Now an important part of a great host is making sure at your home is clean and worthy of being presented so what we recommend is that the windows are cleaned, and of course the plates and counters too. It’s Important to have a clear space to host people in otherwise they will feel cluttered and like they don’t have enough room, in addition it’s also wise to make sure that you put your items away and organize them so that it is presentable for your guests.

A quick way to waste all of your previous cleaning efforts is to not have a clean carpet. Clean carpets go a long way in making your home comfortable and fresh, as well as welcoming your guests.

Saltwater can be an interesting stain to get rid of, so if you find that your carpets have sea salt stains then I recommend that you hire a professional company to assist you. Whether it is hardwood floors, ceramic, tile or one of the various types of carpets… the salt can be very harmful to the material.

If you absolutely must try and do it by yourself… get a washcloth and soak it in warm water, then apply a natural and safe solution to the problem area.

It is important to know what type of chemicals you are using in your cleaning agents in today’s world there are many products that work well but are harmful to you and your family’s health not to mention your gas as well so it is wise to look at the label and see you what type of product you are using and to search out the most natural safest products as possible one of the products that we like to use because of its attention to safety and also its effectiveness this product right here.

Then gently rub clockwise while exerting medium pressure. Be sure to regularly rinse your washcloth so that you aren’t causing the salt and/or dirt to settle even deeper.

However for sea salt stains, we strongly recommend that you employ a professional carpet cleaner who knows exactly how to safely and securely revive your carpets. If you are in the Pasadena California area I will give you my recommendation: the Pasadena Carpet Cleaners are my favorite company because time and time again they have given me tremendous value for the amount I have paid them.

Now once you got your carpets covered and ready for guests, then it’s to time to move on to what type of entertainment you will have for the evening. It really depends on what you have planned, because you can associate the right type of food to fit your guest. If you’re having a dinner party, naturally there’s going to be a center meal and you can have many types of courses and items. Now conversely, if you’re going to be having a game night then it’s more appropriate to have many types of finger foods and snacks that people can enjoy easily and quickly while playing one of the games that you have planned.

Overall, California is a beautiful place to host many types of events and hopefully you are now armed with the knowledge how to to make sure your guests never have to see saltwater stains from the ocean on your carpets.

P.S. Have you cleaned stains out from sea water?